Originally, Memo-mag was just a bunch of enthusiastic geologists looking to connect with other rock hounds and share their love of the field. Their hobbies outside of work in geology included mining, collecting, and discussing the rocks, minerals, gems, and fossils that they loved.

Everyone on the Memo-mag crew has a profound passion for the things we discover underground, and several of us have strong academic credentials (including multiple PhDs). We’re huge geology buffs who are also enthusiastic explorers and collectors!

The opportunity to meet other gem miners and rockhounds is always a highlight for us.

Victoria Stinson

Victoria Stinson has worked in the environmental and geological fields for about ten years, and she is a Pennsylvania-licensed professional geologist. She attended the University of Pittsburgh for his Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies and West Chester University of Pennsylvania for his Master of Science in Geoscience.

Victoria serves as a Consultant Geologist for the esteemed engineering and design firm WSP USA Environment & Infrastructure in addition to his role with Rock Chasing. She had previously been employed by Hepaco and Moody & Associates as a geologic and environmental technician.

Victoria has extensive experience leading environmental and geotechnical site investigations, both in and out of the field, and has worked at Superfund sites, private sites, and industrial sites. Supervising soil borings, recording rock cores, monitoring groundwater, and vapor intrusion probes are all areas of expertise in her technical background.